How do you write with TASTE?

     You write with TASTE by thinking about your readers and what they really want.  By thinking about what you must achieve when you write a document and by organising documents to make your ideas easy to follow.  You write with TASTE by editing for clarity and coherence and by proofreading to eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes.

     The problem is – how?

     This blog provides a place to share ideas on how to write at work in a way that will impress others positively – that is, with TASTE.  Anyone can benefit from it, but I’m writing primarily for people who use English as a second or foreign language. 

Why do I call it Business Writing with TASTE?

     Well, the ideas aren’t really new.  They come from my experience of 17-plus years training business writers in Asia.  But the ‘packaging’ makes it a bit easier to learn and remember.

     To write with TASTE, follow a five-stage process:

Think - Arrange - Sketch - Trim - Edit

Following the TASTE process and the principles can

  • help you write easier and faster
  • help you eliminate many of the most common grammar mistakes
  • help your readers understand what you write so they can act on it.

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     Of course, my idea of what ‘good taste’ means may be different from yours.  So I hope you’ll share your ideas and questions in the comments each week. 

     Here’s to TASTEful business writing!


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