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How long does ‘overnight success’ take?

28 January 2010

Word count:  400

Estimated reading time:  4-5 minutes



I just finished reading a short book written by Chris Guillebeau.  The book, called 279 Days to 

Overnight Success, tells the story of how Chris changed his career path.  He has definitely succeeded – but it took most of a year for him to make the change. 


Some of Chris’s goals might be considered quite modest.

Nouns Take My Breath Away

21 January 2010

Word count:  510                                   

Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes


Photo by Andreas – used by permission.

This is a test

Ready to try the breath test that we talked about last week?

Here’s the sentence from the comic:

 In today’s interdependent economy,

effective global communication and collaboration are essential to

The ‘Breath Test’ for Concise Sentences

14 January 2010

Word count: 275

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


Concise sentences

There are several ways to check that your sentences are concise:

Do they contain only one idea?

Do they have 20 or fewer words?

Do they pass the ‘breath test’?


Use the ‘breath test’

Many writing coaches teach people to use the breath test on their sentences.  I was reminded of it while driving home from work recently. 

The Drunken Writing Masters

7 January 2010  

Word count: 460

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Happy New Year!  

Typical New Year’s celebrations involve a drink (or two or three).  That happy thought brought to mind a quote attributed to several famous people, including novelists Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain and psychologist Timothy Leary.

Write drunk; edit sober.

I’m sure that any of those men might have said something like that.  …

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