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Grammar Bite #9: Please kindly find the attached

27 January 2011


Here’s the content of an actual email I received recently.


Please kindly find your electronic statement for November 2010 as attached. Should you have any queries, please contact our Accounts Office at [tel number].


I’ve seen messages very similar to this hundreds of times. Although it has no grammar mistakes, the style problems are so common that I’d like to include it in the ‘Grammar Bite’ series.

Concise Writing ‘Post-It’ Style

20 January 2011


Word count:  540

Estimated reading time:  5 minutes



   image by skenmy


I recently read an interesting article by Mark McGuinness called ‘If It Won’t Fit On A Post-It, It Won’t Fit In Your Day’.


I immediately began to wonder – could his idea work for the content of a business document? Is it possible to limit the amount of what I write so that it fits onto a 3x3-inch Post-It?

Grammar Bite #8: Mistakes with Word Type

13 January 2011


When we talk about word type, we mean the word’s part of speech. For example, is the word a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, and so on?


Some common mistakes with word type include the following:

I would like to apologies for the mistake on your invoice.

The natural lanolin in this lotion will moisture your skin.

This is the most importance issue for our discussion today.

New Year’s resolutions – easy to make, hard to achieve

6 January 2011


 Image by SashaW

Word count:  450

Estimated reading time:  5 minutes


I’m not big on setting once-a-year resolutions. Maybe this is because my experience with it has never been very positive. Exercise every day to lose weight. Write every day for 30 minutes. Eat a healthy diet. So on and so on…


Still it’s hard not to think about future hopes and plans at this time of year. …

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