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We are the 90%

26 January 2012


  Image by NLNY


Political movements have been big news around the world for the past year, from ‘Arab Spring’ marches in the Middle East to the ‘Occupy’ movement in the US and Europe. People are protesting against corrupt governments and greedy corporations. They’re marching for those who hope for democracy and fair treatment and for those who have lost jobs and been cheated out of homes and pensions.

The Importance of Earnest Thinking

19 January 2012


Image by Abode of Chaos


In a recent newsletter from Publication Coach, Daphne Grey-Grant, she wrote about a play she’d seen during a trip to Chicago.


The play, Red, is about the 20th century American artist, Mark Rothko. In one line, the Rothko character states that only 10% of painting involves applying paint to canvas; the remaining 90% involves thinking about the work.

A Tale about a Tail

12 January 2012

 Image by Noel Reynolds

 Actually, I won’t be telling you a tale here (about bird tails or anything else).


Instead, we’ll look at ‘homonyms’ – words that have the same sound and/or spelling, but have different meanings.


Homonyms are very easy to confuse – and it happens to everyone. (I found one while proofreading this post. Hope I caught them all before publishing!)

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