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The Evolution of Language


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16 January 2014

When we moved to Hong Kong from the US, we had to learn a new language.


And I’m not just talking about Cantonese or Mandarin.


I’m talking about ‘British’. (America and the UK are sometimes described as ‘two countries separated by a common language’.)


Our son, who was in primary school at the time, had difficulty with some of the language used at the British school he attended. …

Metaphors Related to Fish

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9 January 2014


People who live near the ocean typically eat a lot more fish and seafood than those who live in inland areas. Because the UK is an island nation, this may be why ‘fish’ metaphors are so common in English.


Here are some of those metaphors.


Something’s fishy.

Fish that isn’t fresh has an unpleasant odour.


As a metaphor, if you say ‘something is fishy’ or ‘that sounds fishy’, it means that you’re suspicious about it. …

Life Intrudes

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2 January 2014


Happy New Year

First off, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. May 2014 bring you good health, happiness and success!


What’s been happening to this blog?

I’ve been a really busy bee! (The name ‘Deborah’ means ‘bee’.)


In the last post, written in August 2013, I said that I’d be taking a few weeks off to spend time with my family. …

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