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The Challenge to Get Stuff Done

25 February 2010

Word count:  550

Estimated reading time:  5-6 minutes

  Image by Rachael Ashe.  Used with permission.


Today we continue talking about how to eliminate grammar mistakes from your writing.  It follows on from the subject of our last post – The Challenge to Change.


Focusing on what’s important

We all have at least one bad habit.  I’ll admit that one of mine is not being able to focus on tasks.

The Challenge to Change

11 February 2010


Word count: 660

Estimated reading time:  5-6 minutes


  Photo by sm4rtus.  Used by permission.


Last week I gave you a challenge -- to permanently eliminate English grammar mistakes.  (I’ve also challenged myself to find ways to help you do that.)


To meet this challenge, you need some help to ‘unlearn’ the grammar mistakes you’re already making.

Are you Ready for Change?

4 February 2010


Word count:  320

Estimated reading time:  3 minutes


   Photo by Axel Foley.  Used with permission.


The year of the White Metal Tiger will soon be here.  Some claim that this will be a year of serious change and challenge.


A year of change

Interestingly, I’ve been learning a lot of stuff about change – how to make it happen and how to make it stick.

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