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Grammar Bite #10: ‘You and me’ or ‘You and I’

24 February 2011

Can you spot the mistakes in these sentences?

              OThe company gave my colleagues and I an amazing annual dinner last night.

OPlease don’t tell anyone about the news. Let’s just keep it between you and I.

OJohn and me will be co-chairs of the planning committee.

OYou and me can go to lunch when we’ve finished this report.


Native and second language speakers alike make these kinds of mistakes.

How to proofread for grammar mistakes

17 February 2011


  Image by jarodkintz


Word count: 465

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes


Have you ever wondered – how can I proofread my writing if I don’t even know which grammar mistakes I’m making?


Here are some tips on how to get around that problem and develop your proofreading skills.


Discover your problem areas

First, you need to discover precisely which grammar mistakes you usually make. …

Would you like a pomodoro with that?

10 February 2011 


  Image by David (Standout)


Word count: 525

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


Happy New Year of the Rabbit!


For the new year, I gave myself a present – an iPhone app called ‘PomodoroPro’.


And why did I buy that app? Well, do you remember my goal for the Year of the Tiger? It was supposed to be a ‘year of focus’.


As I admitted a few weeks ago, last year turned out to be largely unfocused. …

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