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Senior Managers Don’t Open my Email!

25 March 2010


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Today’s post follows on from last week’s – on the subject of how to get your email opened and responded to. 


Email subject lines are equivalent to headlines in a newspaper. They have to catch the reader’s attention by being relevant. But when you write to a senior manager – whose attention should you try to capture?

My Manager Never Reads my Email!

18 March 2010


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My earlier post about clear email subject lines has sparked some related questions.


Recently, two readers have raised other concerns about getting email opened and read:

1) My manager only opens email from his superiors – and never opens mine.

2) Senior managers never even open email. …

a TASTE of Grammar

11 March 2010 

Today I’ll give you an example of how you can use the systems we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks to permanently eliminate ingrained grammar mistakes. It’s part of the challenges to change, get stuff done and build good habits.

(If you haven’t already read the background to my challenge for you to eliminate common grammar mistakes in 2010, please read the posts of 

The Challenge to Build Good Habits

4 March 2010 

Word count:  575

Estimated reading time:  5 minutes

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed --

easy to get into but hard to get out of.


This week we continue talking about ways to help you eliminate grammar mistakes from your writing.  If you’ve not already read the previous two posts, please read them first for background information.


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