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Muscle Writing Text Rewrite

31 March 2011 


Thanks to all of you who sent me your rewrites of the ‘weak’ text in last week’s writing exercise.


I’ve rewritten the letter (below) to show you one way to strengthen it and engage the readers better.


Go here to see the original version.


My rewrite


Dear Homeowners


At our monthly meeting on 24 March, Homeowners’ Committee members discussed the new government regulations for electrical supply to residential buildings. …

Exercise Your Writing Muscle (& get f/ree feedback)

24 March 2011 


 Image by themissiah

 In the past two weeks we’ve been talking about ‘muscular’ writing that uses strong sentence structures and strong, precise verbs.


Today I’d like you to try an exercise in ‘muscling up’ a text. (Send me your rewrite and I’ll give you f/ree feedback on it. See ‘Special Offer’ below for details.)



Before you rewrite the text, you may want to re-read the last two posts (here and here) to revise the methods we’ve discussed.

Muscle Writing: Part 2

17 March 2011


    Image by NathanaelB

Word count: 435

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes


Were you able to find the ‘muscle verbs’ in last week’s post? (If you haven’t read it yet, please do so before you continue reading this article.)


Let’s examine those strong verbs and how I constructed strong sentences.


Strong verbs versus weak

What I wrote:

Muscle Writing

10 March 2011


   Image by RightIndex

Word count: 340

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes


Today we consider how to write 



Use ‘muscle words’

Action-packed writing engages readers the same way that action movies engage viewers. As you watch an action movie, your heart pumps faster and adrenaline washes through your body. It’s impossible to sleep through the fast-moving action on the screen.

Read to Get Ready to Write

3 March 2011


Image by FnJBnN

Word count: 580

Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes

Reading is the best way to develop writing ‘muscle’. It provides writing models from which we learn the craft – from authors whose words and phrases teach us style and vocabulary and grammar.


Parents prepare their children for what’s called ‘reading readiness’ by reading to them regularly. …

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