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Thinking Through a Writing ROADmap: The Reader

29 March 2012

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Starting today and for the next two weeks, we’ll look in detail at how to plan a writing ROADmap. Today we’ll consider the first part: READERS. Next week we’ll look at the OBJECTIVE and reader ACTION. And the week after that we’ll consider the DETAILS.


Some of the worst writing mistakes you can make are using an improper tone and including unsuitable information. …

Filtering Emails for Importance & Urgency

22 March 2012


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I’d like to follow up on a post I wrote two weeks ago about writing faster. At that time we discussed the need to prepare a plan for everything you write to make your writing more efficient.

But of course, overloaded inboxes are a major contributor to this problem. Every day when you get to work and open your email inbox, you face what seems like an endless list of emails to deal with.

Grammar Bite #19 – Use of ‘a lot’

15 March 2012


You’ll frequently see people using the word ‘alot’ (1 word) – which is the incorrect way to write ‘a lot’ (2 words). For example:

û  Henry bought alot of chocolate.

û  We’ve got alot of books.


‘A lot’ is an informal expression that means ‘a large amount’ or ‘many’. (I bet you’d never write ‘alargeamount’, would you?)


The computer knows better!

Get Started and Get It Done

8 March 2012

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Every time I train a writing course, I’m reminded that many people have a hard time getting started on writing a document. Most also worry about not having enough time to do all the writing that’s required of them at work every day.


Getting started

A participant in the course I just finished training was chatting with me after class one evening. …

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