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How to Sort the Main Ideas of Your Document

29 April 2010


Word count: 600

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes


   Comic by inkygirl


Do you sometimes wonder where to begin when writing a document?

You have so much information to sort through, that it’s tough getting it all in order.


The joys of sorting

I’ve been sorting through stuff lately. This isn’t something I would normally choose to do, but my husband and I have decided to sell our house within the next couple of years and move into a smaller flat. …

A well-organised ‘work of art’

22 April 2010 

Word count: 380

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

  Image by Dr Craig


Fussy eaters

When we were kids, my siblings and I would complain to our mother if she let any of the food on our plates mix together. We didn’t want the peas mixed in with the mashed potatoes, for example. Not even close. Keep everything in its own separate part of the plate, please! …

The Road to Writing Success

15 April 2010

Word count:  280

Estimated reading time:  3 minutes


 Image by Michael Magrolino. Used with permission.

Comedienne Lily Tomlin once said, ‘The road to success is always under construction.’

Hong Kong Roads

If Tomlin’s statement is true, then Hong Kong – where the roads are always under construction of some type – must be very successful!

What’s your ‘average’?

8 April 2010 

Word count: 425

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes



The late motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, is quoted as saying, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’


What that means is, for example,

--your income level will be the average of that of the five people you spend the most time with

--your weight will be the average of that of the five people you’re around the most

I don’t have the time to work on my grammar!

1 April 2010 

Word count:  770

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

   Image by Anna Theodora. Used with permission.

Yep, we’re all busy – no dispute there.  But we can dispute the excuse that we don’t have the time.  Fact is, we all have the same amount of time every day – 24 hours.  It’s just what we choose to do (or must do) with those 24 hours that’s at issue.

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