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Is Knowledge Power? Maybe Not So Much

25 April 2013

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Knowledge is power

My husband and I have careers in education, something we strongly believe in, because it enables growth, enhances people’s lives and helps to establish civil society.


In that sense, knowledge is most definitely power.


The curse of knowledge

It’s hard to imagine knowledge having a negative effect. …

Metaphors Connected with Plants

18 April 2013

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Spring is my favourite time of the year. Young spring green shoots and leaves are branching out on trees and shrubs, flowers are blooming and fruit is beginning to set. When I take a walk down our road, the fragrance of orange blossoms sweetens the air.


Since our very lives depend on the bounty that comes from the soil, it’s not surprising that so many metaphors in our language refer to plants. …

Grammar Bite #26—Use of can and could

11 April 2013


What’s the difference between these two sentences?

·      How can I improve my English?

·      How could I improve my English?


Ability and Possibility

The fundamental difference between can and could is the difference between what someone or something is ableto do (can) and what is possible (could).


Modals: can & could

The words can and

How to Build ‘Writing Health’

4 April 2013

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Your office chair may be making you sick.


Even if you have one of those wonderful new ergonomic chairs, sitting too long every day is harmful to your health.


I learned more about this while listening to a lecture given by Tony Schwartz, Director of The Energy Project.


Inactivity Studies

In the lecture, Tony mentioned a relatively new field of research called ‘inactivity studies’. …

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