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Do You Need to be a Black Belt Writer?

31 May 2012

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Do you wish you could be a great writer?


If you want to be a great writer, do you also wish that you didn’t have to work through all the nagging little things like proper grammar and spelling?


The return on investment (ROI)

Despite working in business for nearly two decades and knowing about ROI from the point of ‘big’ strategic objectives, I had never thought about ROI as it relates to writing – the primary focus of my own career.

Grammar Bite #21—Use of ‘who’ and ‘whom’

24 May 2012


Knowing when to use the pronouns ‘who’ or ‘whom’ causes problems for a lot of us. Honestly, there are times when I have to stop and think hard about which one is correct.


Basically, use ‘who’ when you’re referring to the subject of a sentence. And use ‘whom’ when you’re referring to the object of a sentence.


There are two ways to check which pronoun to use:

Dealing With Distractions While You Write

17 May 2012

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Last week I asked for comments on how you deal with distractions, especially when you’re trying to focus on writing.


Pomodoro technique

Thanks to Scott, who shared his approach:


‘I'm learning to deal with interruptions by making them "visible". I write
them down. Then I ask myself "urgency questions." Do I have to attend to

Sketching for Fun and Profit – and Fast Writing

10 May 2012


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A few weeks ago I was sorting through stuff in the house – trying to get rid of junk. As often happens, I threw out very little. But I did find some lost ‘treasures’ that brought back happy memories.


Some of those treasures included several large drawing pads that contained many of the sketches my husband and I made during a drawing class we attended way back in the last century. …

Revisiting the ARRANGE Stage – part 2

3 May 2012


Sometimes you need to organize so much information in a document that it’s easy to get lost in all the detail.


What can you do to get started with arranging so much information?


There are various ways you can sort through information and get it organised. Today we'll revisit three organising tools: mind-maps, a pyramid of ideas and the UNO.

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