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Metaphors Connected with Cooking

30 May 2013

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One of my favourite activities is cooking, and after many years of practice, I’ve become fairly good at it. During that time, of course, I’ve made my share of mistakes (how else can you learn, right?). So my cooking ‘career’ has seen dishes both disastrous and successful.


Metaphors connected with cooking likewise have both positive and negative meanings.

The Copycat Method: Douglas Adams

23 May 2013

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I recently heard that May 25th is ‘Towel Day’. Very strange name for a holiday, isn’t it?


But if you’ve read Douglas Adams’s book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (or if you’ve seen the movie), you can probably guess what Towel Day is about.


In the Guide, you learn that a towel is the most useful item to bring if you’re planning to travel throughout the galaxy. …

Are You a Luddite?

16 May 2013

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‘Luddite’ is the name given to the textile machine operators in 19th-century England who destroyed the machines they worked on as a form of industrial protest.


The real cause of their protests is debatable. But most people believe that Luddites saw the new machines as a threat, as something that could make their skills obsolete and put them out of a job.

Avoiding the ‘Curse of Knowledge’ Trap

9 May 2013

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I was attracted to an article in the Big Think Blog because of its title (‘Why Writing Fluently is Hard’ by Sam McNerney). In addition to the subject of writing fluently, McNerney also wrote about other ways to avoid falling into the ‘curse of knowledge’ trap, which I wrote about two weeks ago.


The curse of knowledge can lead us to assume that our readers have the same level of knowledge on the subject we’re writing about.

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