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The Power of One (Part Two)

1 July 2010

Word count: 400

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


 Image by Chee.Hong


Today is Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Establishment Day holiday – so this will be short.


I’d like to follow up on last week’s post about the Power of One with some lessons I’ve learned from readers’ responses (or non-responses) to email.


I recently read a line in

The Power of One

24 June 2010

Word count:  645

Estimated reading time:  6 minutes


John Forde’s ‘Power of One’ theory states the fundamental point for clear writing:

"Good writing is one good idea, clearly expressed."


It’s easy for more than one main idea to appear in a document. Frequently we don’t even notice that more than one idea has crept in. But if it does, the document loses impact, because it’s harder for the reader to process mentally.

How to Convince Readers to Act

17 June 2010


Word count:  750

Estimated reading time:  6-7 minutes

instructions to monkeys.jpg

 Image by Sister72

The ultimate purpose for writing at work is to get stuff done. Sometimes the work is interesting, but mostly it’s ‘same-old, same-old’.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about using a sales structure for documents to persuade readers to act. Recently I read some fascinating research with another tip about getting people to act, and I’d like to share that with you today.

A Story Without Love…

10 June 2010


Word count: 350

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


  Image by Neeta Lind


In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about using a story structure to organise documents you write at work. I just read an interesting article that made me think about another perspective of storytelling.


The article referred to a painting by artist Hugh MacLeod of ‘Gaping Void’. …

How to Persuade Readers to Act

3 June 2010 


Word count:  810

Estimated reading time:  7-8 minutes


  Image by ratterrell


If you’ve ever had a pet dog, you’ve undoubtedly seen them beg for food at the table. And what do you usually say? ‘No, Rover! Go away!’


Likewise, when a person asks you to do something, the first idea that pops into your head (or comes out of your mouth) may be something like…

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