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How to Write for the Modern-day Caveman Part 3: Focus

30 June 2011


 Image by Thomas Hawk

To survive in pre-historic times required that our cave-dwelling ancestors focus. Where can we find something to eat? How can we protect ourselves from danger?


Although modern-day ‘cavepeople’ don’t need to hunt and gather in the same ways, we still focus on the same important issues of survival—home, health, harvest.

How to Write for the Modern-day Caveman Part 2: Comfort

23 June 2011

 Image by pheezy

Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar place? How did you feel?


For several years after moving to Hong Kong, I always got lost in certain parts of town. It was SO frustrating – especially if I was running late for an appointment.


That’s when streetside maps with ‘You are here’ indicators brought me comfort. I was able to get my bearings and be on my way. …

How to Write for the Modern-day Caveman Part 1: Reaction

16 June 2011

 Banksy’s Caveman. Image by Lord Jim

So a caveman was out walking on the savannah, and along came an animal. His first thoughts: Can I eat that animal? Or will it try to eat me?


Our earliest ancestors had to answer those questions fast; it was a matter of survival. Can I fight and win – and take food back to my family? Or should I run and live another day?

How to Write for the Modern-day Caveman

9 June 2011

  Image by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

In the two years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve accused readers of being careless and unmotivated. I’ve compared them to animals (dogs, cats, monkeys and rats). And I’ve said that parents make better writers, because readers are like children.


For my next ‘insult’  -- I’m calling readers

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Effective Presentation Slides: Part 3

2 June 2011 

  Image by Scott McLeod


In the last two posts we’ve talked about presentation basics, what slides are not and how to use visuals with slides. Now on to some language tips for slides.


Tip 1: Include one point per slide

Ensure that the text on each slide covers a single point.


If you have multiple bullet points on a slide, you may have included more than one point. …

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