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Metaphors Connected with Tastes

27 June 2013

  Image by Joe Shlabotnik


We recently talked about metaphors connected with cooking. Today I’ll continue on a similar theme and look at metaphors about tastes.


Five different tastes have been identified: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami. Three of them (sweet, bitter and sour) are associated with certain feelings or qualities, so they can be used metaphorically.

How to Find the Precise Word to Use

20 June 2013


People frequently ask me how to build up their vocabulary with what they call ‘precise’ words.


Knowing the words that precisely indicate what you mean helps to make your writing clearer and more to the point. That in turn increases the reader’s understanding and the potential for them to take relevant action.


An added bonus is that using ‘precise’ words makes you look more sophisticated (and who doesn’t want that?).

Develop Your English Proficiency—One ‘Bite’ at a Time

13 June 2013

  Image by Lara604

As we discussed in last week’s post, if you want to build your English proficiency, you need to practice at least a little every day – for a long time. What many people need, however, is a way to find ‘small bites’ of useful language practice that they can fit into a busy schedule.


A place where you can get some of those bites is the

Eat the whole whale – one bite at a time

6 June 2013

  Image by eGuide Travel

Everyone is eager to get as much as they can for the lowest price. And for things like bargains on clothing or cars or computers, that’s fine.


But there aren’t any bargains on developing a skill like language. For that you have to pay the full price. However, you can’t ‘eat the whole whale’ at a single sitting and suddenly become proficient; you need to take it one bite at a time over an extended period.

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