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Ending an Email or Letter Politely

26 July 2012

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A few weeks ago I asked you to tell me your concerns about business writing. (Note: You can send me your questions and concerns any time.)


One reader, Ellen, asked about polite things to say at the end of an email or letter.


She wrote, ‘I like to keep my writings simple and clear. It is short and easy to understand. That can usually gain quick response from the receiver. …

Confessions of a careless reader

19 July 2012

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This is the kind of post I don’t like to write – an admission of guilt. It’s embarrassing.

But if my mistake helps you learn, then I’m willing to confess.


The story

Last May, I wrote the property management company for our US condo to reserve a guest flat for my sister to use while visiting us.

Here’s my original email, sent on May 12th:

Happy Anniversary!

5 July 2012


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Today marks the third anniversary of the Business Writing with TASTE blog.


Some of you have followed the blog from the beginning – faithfully reading and sending your feedback. And some of you are quite new readers. Thanks to all of you for being members of this community.


This calls for a celebration – or two!


Celebration #1

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