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Fast and Slow Writing

25 July 2013

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I’ve often wondered how the use of e-devices has changed our writing.


The good

Back in the early 1980s, when I first began using a word processor (a very slow one with very little storage capacity), I was so happy about how easy it made typing documents. You could add or delete information and correct all the typos without having to type the entire document over and over. …

Grammar Bite #27 – Update on the use of ‘who’ and ‘whom’

18 July 2013


Last year I wrote a post on the use of who and whom.


I’d like to give you a ‘good news’ update on this subject.


The rule followers

If you want to strictly follow the grammatical rules for when to use who or whom, go back to this post for some tips.


Unfortunately, those tips involve taking time to restructure sentences to figure out whether you’re talking about a subject or an object. …

That Doesn’t Sound Right–Revising ‘Out Loud’

11 July 2013

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Have you ever read a sentence or phrase in a document and thought to yourself, ‘That doesn’t sound right’? Maybe it was a strange idea, or maybe the word choice seemed weird. But something about it just wasn’t right.


Most of the time we read silently – just looking and thinking about words on a page (or screen) – not reading aloud. …

How’s Your Vocabulary?

4 July 2013


A few weeks ago, we talked about building a vocabulary of more ‘precise’ words.


I’ve run across a language-related blog whose writer recently posted about vocabulary size. The blog, ‘Johnson’, named after the famous dictionary writer, Samuel Johnson, covers issues about ‘the use and abuse of languages around the world’.


In May, one of the posts was about vocabulary size, and it linked to another site,

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