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The Grammar Bias

22 August 2013

In their latest newsletter, authors Chip and Dan Heath told a story related to the subject of their book Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work.  


Their story brought to mind a problem that I often see among trainees in my business writing courses.


Information you can trust

The Heaths told about a woman who loved to bake. …

Busy, Busy, Busy…

15 August 2013

 Image by Lel4nd


When I meet up with friends in Hong Kong and ask ‘How are you?’ – about 99% of the time they say, ‘I’m very busy.’ When I ask friends in the US the same question, their answer is invariably, ‘I’m fine, thanks!’


Why the difference?


This can’t just be a cultural thing. When I was studying Chinese, one of the first exchanges I learned was ‘how are you?’ – along with the answer, ‘fine’.

Can being left-handed help you write better?

8 August 2013

 Image by mnsc


This question has a somewhat round about answer…so bear with me.


During the Middle Ages, left-handed people were considered sinister and evil. Even up to the early 20th century, schoolteachers forced left-handed children to write right-handed – something that often resulted in very poor handwriting. And in some cultures today, using your left hand is considered unclean (I won’t go into why).

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