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Are You a Good Listener?

30 September 2010


Total words:  660

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes



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Why am I talking about listening on a business writing blog?


Actually, this is the next post in a series about building your vocabulary. Two weeks ago we talked about choosing words that are worth learning. Today I’ll discuss two types of meaning: literal and implied. …

Grammar Bite #2: Indefinite articles

23 September 2010 


Today’s grammar review covers the use of the indefinite article (a/an) with nouns, adjectives or adverbs.


You already know this ‘rule’, right?


If a noun, adjective or adverb begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), you should use the indefinite article ‘an’ before it. If it begins with a consonant (all the other letters of the alphabet), you should use the indefinite article ‘a’.

How To Find Words That Are Worth Learning

16 September 2010 

Word count: 650

Estimated reading time: 6-8 minutes


Increasing your English vocabulary is essential if you work in an international business. A larger vocabulary gives you the benefit of a broader, deeper understanding of the language, and it gives you the ability to express yourself in a more sophisticated style.


There are many ways to increase your vocabulary. …

Grammar Bite #1: All Together Now!

9 September 2010


Today’s grammar review covers common mistakes in the use of the following:

-all ready & already

-all together & altogether

-all right & alright


Find the mistakes

Which sentence in each pair below is correct – A or B?


1A. We’re already to go camping next weekend.

1B. We’re all ready to go camping next weekend.


2A. We all ready went camping last weekend.

Continuing to Change in the Year of the Tiger

2 September 2010

  Photo by sm4rtus.  Used with permission.


Word count:  490

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes


‘The gap between ignorance and knowledge is much smaller

than the gap between knowledge and action.’


This quote reminds me of how much people already know about English grammar – and how so many don’t put that knowledge into action. …

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