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Responding to Complaints: Part 2

29 September 2011

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Justified complaints

Today we’ll look at some language you can use to respond to a justified complaint where a customer has not complained to you before.


Here is what the complainant wrote:


SUBJECT: Damaged crockery, order number AG9872011


Two weeks ago, we ordered 15 forty-piece sets of table crockery from your company. …

Responding to Complaints: Part 1

22 September 2011

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Complaints range from very minor irritations that customers (or colleagues) experience, to huge problems that have the potential to damage a company’s reputation.


We can often deal with minor irritations in person or over the phone. Many times a simple apology is all the customer wants to hear. (Customer service tip

Grammar Bite #15 – Use of ‘any more’ and ‘anymore’

15 September 2011


Today’s grammar bite comes in response to a question by one of our readers, Patrick, who gave me permission to publish it. Thanks, Patrick!


Hello Deborah,


Some friends are discussing the meaning of sentences with 'anymore'. Our findings are as follows but they surprised us. Can you share your opinions?


1) I can't agree with you. (not agree)

Writing Effective Complaint Letters: Part 3

8 September 2011

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In part 2 of this series we talked about writing a complaint letter to a company. Today we’ll consider how to write a complaint to a colleague.


Organising the complaint

You can organise a written complaint to a colleague similarly to how you organise one to a company (see part 2):

·      Subject line

·      Opening (background plus the problem in general)

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