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Contest results – and answers about Reading ‘Animals’

29 October 2009


Word count:  950

Estimated reading time:  10-12 minutes


The results are in – and congratulations to the winner of our ‘Reading Animals’ contest, Loretta Chan.  She will receive a 2-hour consultancy from me on her writing skills.


And now, the answers to the contest – and what they mean for writing.


Words that describe the animals & what they would say

Win a 2-hour writing consultancy with me… Reading ‘Animals’ Contest

(Contest entry deadline: Sunday, 25 October 2009, midnight Hong Kong time)

22 October 2009



I’d like to continue with the theme of thinking about your reader – and give you the chance to win a free 2-hour consultancy on your writing.


A few months ago, one of my favourite blog writers had a very interesting take on different types of readers.

Getting to Know You…

15 October 2009


Word Count:  930 (a bit long -- but worth it, I hope!)

Estimated reading time:  10 minutes


For the next few posts, I’d like to focus on readers, the people I like to think of as  ‘customers’.  You really must get to know them so that your message is meaningful.


Recently I’ve received several ‘cold call’ type emails (spam) from businesses that have used name lists from some group I belong to – not sure who is selling my name and email, but I don’t like it!

Are you a chunk of coal?

8 October 2009


Word count:  335

Estimated reading time:  ­­4-5 minutes


I’d like to continue with the topic of how important it is to continue learning and growing in your writing skills. 


Another quote I ran across recently brought this even closer – because it also tied in with the Plain English Campaign’s ‘Crystal Mark’ awards. 


The late publisher of

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