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Make Your Documents Readable

28 October 2010



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Word count:  335

Estimated reading time:  3 minutes


How easy is it to understand your documents?


In Business Writing with TASTE, I mentioned two places to check a document’s readability. One is Microsoft Word’s ‘Spelling and Grammar’ tool. And the other one is at the Blue Centauri Consulting website.


(By the way, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy of

Grammar Bite #4: The misuse of ‘captioned’

21 October 2010


Today we’ll look at a common mistake using the word ‘captioned’.


A little bit of my English ‘history’

When we first moved from the US to Hong Kong in 1988, we had to learn two new forms of English: British English and Hong Kong Chinese English.


The British form was relatively easy to learn – mostly a few differences in vocabulary.


Clarity From Blindness

14 October 2010



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Word count: 480

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes


Writing coach Daphne Grey-Grant recently interviewed Canadian writer and professor Ryan Knighton, the author of several books and movie screenplays.


Ryan was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease at the age of 18, and by his mid-30s he became completely blind. …

Grammar Bite #3: The use of ‘besides’

7 October 2010


Today’s grammar review covers the use of the word ‘besides’.


Besides has two primary uses: as a preposition and as an adverb.


Besides as preposition

We use besides to add new information to what is already known.


It has a meaning that is similar to these two phrases: in addition to and as well as.


Here are examples of the correct

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