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Responding to Complaints: Part 5

27 October 2011


Today, we’ll continue with how to respond to unjustified complaints. This is my second answer to the question ‘Is the customer always right?’


The customer is not right, but you decide to be nice anyway

What if you do have proof that the customer’s claim is wrong? You don’t have to give in to the demands, but you still want to maintain the relationship.

Responding to Complaints: Part 4

20 October 2011


In recent posts we’ve talked about responding to justified complaints, where your company is at fault.


Now we’ll turn to the more difficult responses – where the customer’s complaint is not justified.


Is the customer always right?

Short answer: No.


The answer that you hear all the time: Yes.


This is what makes responding to unjustified complaints so hard to do. …

Grammar Bite #16: Use of ‘then’ and ‘than’

13 October 2011

Only two letters make the difference between then and than. Perhaps the reason why people frequently confuse them is that they sound almost the same. To see what I mean read this sentence out loud: I’d rather have chocolate than anything else.


But there are bigger differences between these words than just two little vowels. Let’s take a closer look.

Responding to Complaints: Part 3

6 October 2011


   Image by skippyjon

Justified complaints: serious problem

Today we’ll look at language to use when responding to a justified complaint about a serious problem. To illustrate, I’ll use an example based on a case I heard about recently.


In this situation, a tenant is having continuing problems with plumbing in the property she’s renting. …

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