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Write With Your Ear

25 October 2012

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I subscribe to several blogs and websites related to writing. Recently, one of them had an article about journalist Donald Murray’s six tricks of the trade.*


The most intriguing ‘trick’ to me (and the one Murray says is most important to him) is this: ‘Write with your ear’.


By ‘writing with your ear’, he was talking about

Stoned on Email and Texting

18 October 2012

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We’ve been talking lately about getting stuff done – setting SMARTER goals and using time effectively.


If we do those things, we can be more productive.


One of the tips I gave last week on how to protect your time was to turn off your phone ringer and (try to) ignore incoming emails and texts when you’re writing or studying.

Eat a Live Frog – Part 2

11 October 2012


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In the last post, we talked about setting SMARTER learning goals. Today we’ll talk about making the time to achieve those goals.


Time is always going to be an issue when it comes to getting stuff done.


We can look at the issue of time from who’s in control and what you choose to do.


Who’s in control?

When you get to work each day, you are under the control of your employer. …

Eat a Live Frog – Part 1

4 October 2012

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Dealing with procrastination

No matter how committed you are to doing something, there may be times when it becomes a dreaded chore. And so you procrastinate getting it done.


The expression ‘eat a frog’ comes from a line that Mark Twain wrote to describe how to complete a task that you keep putting off because you just don’t want to face it.

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