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Let’s Clear the Fog

26 November 2009 

Word count:  560

Estimated reading time:  4-5 minutes


Writing clearly should be our primary aim as writers.  But how can we know if our writing really is clear? 


I go into great detail about ways to TRIM a document in Business Writing with TASTE, including using ‘readability statistics’ tools.  Recently, one of our readers asked me to clarify those tools, since some of the terms are hard to understand (for example, ‘Flesch reading ease’).

Add more value – not more work

19 November 2009 


Word count:  500

Estimated reading time:  2-3 minutes


Let’s focus a bit more on the essence of being concise – being relevant.


Time is not on our side.  Yes, we all have 24 hours a day.  But most of us certainly prefer to spend some of those hours doing something besides our jobs. 


And while we are at work, we’d all prefer doing stuff that matters – something that creates value for our businesses and customers.

Get clear on what you want to say

12 November 2009


Word count:  385

Estimated reading time:  3-4 minutes


We’ve been talking about focusing on your reader for the past few weeks – and I’ve got lots more to write about that.


But I’d like to take a break and move on to issues of writing clearly and concisely. 


Clear writing

Your writing is clear – if you’re clear on what you want to say

Face Your Reader

5 November 2009

Word count:  365

Estimated reading time:  3-4 minutes


For the past few weeks, we’ve focused on how to consider our readers.  I’d like to finish up with some more thoughts on readers – and to ask you for specific situations that you need to write about, so we can share some real-life writing samples.

Our reading ‘customers’

Yes, I’ll say it again.

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