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Grammar Bite #6: Prepositions You Can’t Live Without

25 November 2010

Can you explain what’s wrong with these sentences?

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Fiona has applied a home loan.

I need to search a new job.


The missing preposition ‘for’

If you noticed a missing preposition – congratulations! In the sentences above, you must follow the verbs with ‘for’.


Here are some correct examples:

Personally Useful Vocabulary

18 November 2010

 Image by atomicjeep


Word count:  520

Estimated reading time:  5 minutes


We’ve spent several weeks on the subject of building your vocabulary. We talked about how to find words that are worth learning, about types of meaning (denotation and connotation) and about lively and precise verbs.


I’d like to think more about words that are worth learning.

Grammar Bite #5: Mistakes with passive voice

11 November 2010


Common mistakes

1. The broken pipe was first appeared last month.

2. Martin’s accident was occurred on the Tuen Mun Highway.

3. We were questioning by the immigration officer at the airport.


What’s required for passive voice

You form a passive voice sentence by

--making the object in an active voice sentence the subject

--using passive verb forms

2 Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary and Improve Your Writing Style

4 November 2010



    Image by comedy_nose


Word count:  400

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


We recently talked about Professor Ryan Knighton – who complained about his students’ verbs, which he described as ‘generic, dull and imprecise’.


His remarks made me wonder how to expand your vocabulary (especially more lively and precise verbs) – which in turn would help to improve writing style.

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