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The Power of One (Part 3)

1 December 2011

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Sounds kind of silly – Part 3 of the ‘power of one’. But it’s such an important topic that I can’t help myself.


I first wrote about this topic more than a year ago. At that time I quoted John Forde of the Copywriter’s Roundtable, who said:


Good writing is one good idea, clearly expressed.


Recently, John again emphasized this point. …

Writing Technical Information for Tech ‘Dummies’

24 November 2011


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Thanks to Stephen, one of our readers, who wrote me with one of the writing struggles he has:


It’s difficult to write a clear and short e-mail to my boss, in particular about the system error because he/ she may not have any technical background.


I’m definitely a ‘non-techy’ reader like those that Stephen has to write emails to, so I can understand his concern. …

Grammar Bite #17: Date Formats

17 November 2011


Can you see any problems with the following date formats?

·      18 Sep 2011

·      Sep 18, 2011

·      11/10/09

·      11.10.09

·      11/10/2009

·      2003.11.09

·      Dec 24th, 2010

·      The 9th of March 2001


None of the dates are written incorrectly. But those written with numbers only can be confusing.



Most countries use this format. …

Responding to Complaints: Part 7

10 November 2011


In the last of the series on responding to complaints, we’ll cover the final question for unjustified complaints:


This person complains all the time just to see how much we’ll give him. I’m going to have to get firm with him.


Some customers seem to make a career of complaining. I don’t know if they’re trying to get more from companies, or if they’re just perpetually negative. …

Responding to Complaints: Part 6

3 November 2011


Today we’ll look at my third answer for dealing with unjustified complaints – where we say ‘no’ (in a polite way, of course!).



To illustrate this type of response, let’s consider a situation where an insurance client submitted a claim to cover medical costs after an accident. The insurance company refused the claim, saying that it did not comply with the terms of the policy. …

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