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How to Get the Most from Online Dictionaries: Part 3

29 November 2012


The last two posts covered several ways to use online dictionaries and thesauruses.


Today we’ll finish this series by describing a few more features from the Macmillan Dictionary online.


Word types

To construct sentences properly, you need to know word types (also called ‘parts of speech’). For example, succeed is a verb and success

How to Get the Most from Online Dictionaries: Part 2

22 November 2012


Last week we looked at how online dictionaries show you definitions, word frequency, pronunciation and collocations.


Today I’ll talk about how an online thesaurus can help you find more precise words to use in your writing.



Many online dictionaries also include a thesaurus, which lists words with similar meanings. You can use a thesaurus to find a word to express your meaning more precisely.

How to Get the Most from Online Dictionaries: Part 1

15 November 2012

We use dictionaries primarily for finding out what words mean. But they offer so much more!


Online all-English dictionaries in particular provide a wealth of language learning options. Let’s take a look at a few today.


Note: I’m focusing on all-English rather than dual-language dictionaries (eg, Chinese-English). It may first be necessary for you to check a dual-language dictionary. …

No More Dictionaries!

8 November 2012

 Image by greeblie


My husband saw the announcement first. He shook his head and in a voice that betrayed his shock and dismay said, ‘MacMillan Dictionary will no longer have a print edition. Hard to believe!’


The email we received from the MacMillan team announcing the final print-run of their paper-based dictionaries had this headline:

Grammar Bite #25 – It’s heavily raining…

1 November 2012


 Photo by pranav


I usually check my Facebook page once or twice a day to see what’s happening in my friends’ lives.


Several weeks ago, one of my friends (a second-language English speaker) commented on the weather. ‘It’s heavily raining,’ she wrote. 


What she said struck me as a little bit odd. Grammatically, that sentence is correct. …

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