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Have a Very Happy Low-Tech Christmas

24 December 2009

Several times a year the power company turns off electricity to our village to ‘carry out essential work on the system’. 


It seems that they have to do more ‘essential work’ on our power supply than in other parts of Hong Kong.  Oh well.  It’s much better than when we first moved to the village ten years ago and the power supply failed about once a month!

More Tips on How to Write Interesting Stuff

17 December 2009 


Word count: 410

Estimated reading time:  3-4 minutes


Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I’m a big fan of writing in a conversational style.  This is very different from the style of writing I learned at school.  In those days (and maybe still?) teachers told us to write in a certain way, using language that was really quite similar to what writers had been using for centuries before us.

Tone Problems in Emails

10 December 2009 


Word count:  460

Estimated reading time:  4-5 minutes



Email has many benefits – speed and convenience among them.  But it also has the potential for problems related to tone.


Research shows that readers of email will frequently misinterpret your meaning when you try to convey a particular attitude or emotion.


The research


Prof. Nicholas Epley, behavioral scientist from Harvard University, and Prof. …

The Fundamental ‘Rule’ for Clear Writing

3 December 2009


Word count:  620

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes


Start out clearly. 


Use headings, titles and subject lines that clearly state what is included in the text that follows.


This is vital for two very important reasons.


First, it helps readers process information.  It brings to mind what they already know about that subject and prepares them to take in more information that you include in the content.

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