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Are You Ready for Another Low-Tech Christmas?

23 December 2010


 Image by Marcin Wichary


Word count:  445

Estimated reading time:  5 minutes


Last year at this time I wrote about having a low-tech Christmas – disconnecting from computers and other tech gadgets and reconnecting with people.


Reconnecting not via Facebook – but face-to-face connections. Not being limited to 160-characters via Twitter – but long, relaxing conversations. …

How to Create An Easy-Access Vocabulary Notebook

16 December 2010


  Image by Daehyun Park


Word count:  315

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes


When you’re learning new words, do you record what you’ve learned in a notebook like the one above? Or on your computer?


There are drawbacks to both methods. With a paper vocabulary notebook, you have to flip through many pages to find specific words and definitions. …

Grammar Bite #7: Prepositions You Can Live Without

9 December 2010


In the last grammar bite we talked about prepositions you can’t live without – those that are required to make a sentence correct.


Today we’ll look at phrases where you can eliminate one or more prepositions and make your writing more concise.


Instead of using this…

Use this…

face up to someone/something

face someone/something

try out something

Using New Vocabulary In Sentences

2 December 2010


  Image by greeblie


Word count:  395

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


When you learn new words, it’s always best if you also learn how to use them correctly in sentences. This makes the words easier to remember and use in your everyday life.


Learn the correct grammar

To help you with this, I’ll give you another tip that Professor James Venema 

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