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Have Another Happy ‘Low-tech’ Holiday!

22 December 2011

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My 2009 Christmas/New Year holiday blog told of how my husband and I experienced a burst of creativity during a day when the power to our house was off and we couldn’t go online. And in last year’s holiday post, I talked about the brain development benefits of in-the-flesh communication with people.


I was again reminded of low-tech benefits while watching a recent TV news story that featured the Waldorf School – a group of more than 1,000 private schools worldwide whose teaching philosophy focuses on physical activity and learning through hands-on tasks. …

GPS Navigational Devices for Readers: Part 2

15 December 2011

Image by Arthur Chapman


In the last post we talked about using conjunctions as transitional ‘GPS devices’ to use in your writing.


Today we’ll look at three other types of transitions, a very small sampling of the many written ‘GPS devices’ you can use to guide readers through a text.


Type 1: the intriguing statement

Intriguing statements catch your attention because they’re fascinating. …

GPS Navigational Devices for Readers: Part 1

8 December 2011

  Image by Qole Tech


When my husband and I travel by car, he usually gives me the task of being the navigator, because I’m good at reading maps and he thinks he’s good at driving. I’ve never really liked navigating, however, because (1) I get nauseated when reading in a moving vehicle and (2) I end up being more of a ‘nag-vigator’ when my husband pays more attention to everything else than he does to the road.

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