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It’s ‘Low-Tech’ Holiday Time Again—So Read a Book

20 December 2012


  Image by Jayel Aheram


For several years, my last post of the calendar year has been about doing low-tech stuff.


I’m not really sure how that began. Maybe because the end of the year is crunch time. We’re trying to get projects finished, reports written, plans prepared for the new year and so on. And to get all that stuff done usually requires the use of tech gadgets: our computers, mobile phones and iPads/tablets.

I’m Too Tired to Study English!

13 December 2012


  Image by kaibara87


Do you feel like that cat at the end of a long day at work? No wonder people in my evening classes (and some morning classes, too) yawn and sometimes even drift off to sleep.


I empathize with your desire to become a better communicator and to improve your English skills – and that because you work long hours you have little time and energy to study.

Surfing the Web for Useful English Language Websites

6 December 2012


  Image by Mike Licht



There are thousands of websites related to English language learning. Some are excellent, and some…not so good.


Over the years, I’ve subscribed to a number of language-related websites that I find very useful.


So today I’d like to tell you about a few of my favourites. All of them offer free sign ups to receive email newsletters.

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