Grammar Bite #18 – Use of ‘with regard to’

23 February 2012


Thanks to one of our readers who recently asked about the difference between these phrases:

With regards to…

With regard to…


The plural form—regards

Using the plural form in the phrase ‘with regards to’ is grammatically incorrect.


If you want to use the plural form with this meaning, say ‘As regards’. For example, I spoke with them as regards the sale of their house.


Another meaning of ‘regards’ is ‘greetings’. For example, Give my regards to your family. It’s also used in the complimentary closing of a letter or email, just before the signature. For example, Thanks and regards, Deborah


The singular form—regard

Using the singular form in the phrase ‘with regard to’ is correct.



§ I spoke to them with regard to the sale of their house.

§ We are writing with regard to the problems you encountered with the phone you recently purchased from us.


Other options

To shorten your sentences, use any of these words to replace with regard to or as regards: concerning, regarding or about. 

§ Thank you for your letter of 28 February concerning difficulties you experienced with... 

§ Thank you for your email of 28 February regarding your late payment.

§ Thank you for your phone call on 28 February about… 

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