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Clear Writing

Write for Kids in Form 1

Get Clear on What You Want to Say

Let's Clear the Fog

The Fundamental Rule for Clear Writing

Nouns Take My Breath Away

The Power of One

The Power of One (Part 2)

Concise Writing

3 Ways to Write Concisely

Are Your Verbs Tired?

The 'Basis' of Concise Writing

The Breath Test for Concise Sentences


A Well-Organised 'Work of Art'

How to Sort the Main Ideas of Your Document

Organising Your 'Story'

The Story Dialogue

Show Me Value

Reader-Focused Writing

Getting Inside Your Reader's Mind

Motivating People to Read

Parents Make Better Writers

Connect with Emotion

Another Way to Connect

Grammar Bites

1: All together now!

2: Indefinite articles

3: The use of 'besides'

4: The misuse of 'captioned'

5: Mistakes with passive voice

6: Prepositions you can't live without

7: Prepositions you can live without

8: Mistakes with word type

9. Please kindly find the attached

10. 'You and me' or 'You and I'

11. Run-on sentences & comma splices

12. Use of 'comprise'

13. Use of 'proceed', 'process' and 'precede'

14. Latin Abbreviations

15. Use of 'any more' and 'anymore'

16. Use of 'then' and 'than'

17. Date formats

18. Use of 'with regard to'

19. Use of 'a lot'

20. Use of 'everyday' and 'every day'

21. Use of 'who' and 'whom'

22. Use of 'pieces' and 'sets'

23. Use of 'proceed'

Writing Effective Subject Lines

1. The Fundamental Rule for Clear Writing

2. My Manager Never Reads My Email!

3. Senior Managers Don't Open My Email!

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